Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Trip Home

Cody and Briannah having fun at Mema and Papa's House.

So, we are back from our trip home. Whew! It was so worth it though. Everything worked out with my daycare lady for those of you who were privileged to hear that story. There are lots of pictures, so there are many blogs after this one explaining them. We went to Adam's alot, and to the Zoo with Lisa, Josh,Katy, and lauren, to my dad's, and to Ohio to visit one of my very best friends Tiffany. I had a great time, and I can't wait to move home. These pictures are of my brother Adam with Cody, Adam and his soon to be wife Teri, Adam and Addison, my sister Lisa and cody at the zoo, and of course, my first time seeing Addison, literally, I walked in taking pictures. We had lots of fun at the zoo till a tornado hit the surronding area! My father in law said"that will teach you to come home in the spring huh?" Anyways, it was a fantastic time, as you will see in the upcoming blogs. Amy

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Miss Elizabeth said...

Cute pics!!!!!!