Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tyson's Birthday!

Tyson is 28 today. I can't believe how time flies by. The kids were SO excited about it being his birthday. HE is so excited because he gets to go paintball all morning!
Father God, I thank you for this wonderful man, husband and father. I'm so glad he chose me above all other woman to be his wife. Thank you for the wonderful father he is.

Pumpkin Carving

Me and all the kids carving a pumpkin. It was so much fun! But there was'nt too many seeds in the pumpkin:( Then we carved a big cross in it for Jesus!
We are'nt trick or treating again this year. Cody seems a little obsessed with Halloween, but reading our "Mommy, why don't we celebrate Halloween?" book settled him down. We had to have a long talk though because then he was pointing out all the people decorating for Halloween and saying "They don't have Jesus in their heart!" My goodness.....
I explained that a lot of people have Jesus in their hearts and still do Halloween, but for us in our family, we don't. Then the lights went on!
So we are going to have a family fun night and pass out candy and bible tracts. Our church's Fall Festival is on Sunday night instead of Wed. otherwise we would be there.


I'm so excited! I finally got everything I needed for canning, and I canned Green Beans and some apples slices for pie. I already tested some green beans out, and they were great! I got enough for 7 cans of Green beans for $4.00 at the farmers market, and I can't wait to move and grow my own things to can!

I've also been using my pressure cooker to experiment with cooking meats....It's amazing! How did I not know about this!? I cooked a pot roast with all the trimmings in 45 mins! And last week I cooked a 6 pound chicken, with tons of veggies in 10 mins. They are so moist. How is it that every wife in America is not taking advantage of this?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The county fair

This is me and some of the daycare kids and my own of course, at the St. Mary's county fair.

Bowling Night!

For a family fun night we tried out bowling! Briannah is very good! I put some videos down at the bottom so you can see it in action!

So Crabby!

Tyson got these wonderful blue maryland crabs from his boss at work. This is us cooking them!

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Josh!

These are some pictures from when Lisa and Josh came to visit. They were here months ago, but that's how far behind I am!