Thursday, April 13, 2006

Feeding the ducks

My brother has some ponds with ducks at his apartment complex, and the kids love it! (what kids would'nt ?) So uncle adam took them out to feed the ducks, (and so Cody would'nt terrorize the cats) and Aunt Teri went and got some great picture. There is also a great picture of Katy and Briannah. And one of Lauren and briannah waving Hi. Briannah loves the ponds cause they have fountains and it reminds her of Swan Lake. Go figure.

Aunt Dawn

Well, we went to see Pa Pa Bill (Tyson's dad) and see the fam there, and I got some really good pictures of the kids with Aunt Dawn. Now, no one argues with me about Cody looking like Tyson, but when you see the pictures of Briannah and Dawn, they look SO much alike. Those are just for the people who argue that Bri looks like me. Now I have proof!

More Addison

More Pics of Addison!

At Adam and Teri's........

Adam and Cody are having a moment!
I had a great time at my brother's, Teri was great with putting up with us being there all the time! I know that was the last thing I wanted after having Briannah and Cody! After seeing the pictures of Addison, I wanted to come home so badly, and God just worked out the rest! I happened to have the following week off of daycare, we had just gotten the cars registered, my grandparents were kind enough to let us stay with them,(even though we probably were alot for them to deal with, they were fantastic!), and Tyson agreed to let me go, and it all worked out. There was some issues with my daycare parent at the last minute, but with the help of my grandparents, it all worked out in the end.

My Trip Home

Cody and Briannah having fun at Mema and Papa's House.

So, we are back from our trip home. Whew! It was so worth it though. Everything worked out with my daycare lady for those of you who were privileged to hear that story. There are lots of pictures, so there are many blogs after this one explaining them. We went to Adam's alot, and to the Zoo with Lisa, Josh,Katy, and lauren, to my dad's, and to Ohio to visit one of my very best friends Tiffany. I had a great time, and I can't wait to move home. These pictures are of my brother Adam with Cody, Adam and his soon to be wife Teri, Adam and Addison, my sister Lisa and cody at the zoo, and of course, my first time seeing Addison, literally, I walked in taking pictures. We had lots of fun at the zoo till a tornado hit the surronding area! My father in law said"that will teach you to come home in the spring huh?" Anyways, it was a fantastic time, as you will see in the upcoming blogs. Amy