Thursday, April 13, 2006

Feeding the ducks

My brother has some ponds with ducks at his apartment complex, and the kids love it! (what kids would'nt ?) So uncle adam took them out to feed the ducks, (and so Cody would'nt terrorize the cats) and Aunt Teri went and got some great picture. There is also a great picture of Katy and Briannah. And one of Lauren and briannah waving Hi. Briannah loves the ponds cause they have fountains and it reminds her of Swan Lake. Go figure.


Miss Elizabeth said...

Hi again!!!
Luv the pics,
have fun with your

Here is my blogspot

Luv you guys

Miss Elizabeth said...

Hi Amy
Sorry I didn't send anything for Ty :(

And for me staying there I don't mind
staying there if Ty is home. the thing was if he was going to be gone. I would come down and be with you
for a couple weeks. But I stil want to come down and visit with you, I just don't know it will work