Friday, December 14, 2007

Sibling Love

My brothers and sister came to see us off before we left and we got this great picture. The boys thought they would be cute and do bunny ears behind us girls, and is'nt it so funny how that picture just did'nt turn out? It was all fuzzy, and I just could'nt get it fixed. (Stinkers)

Starting in the back is Tyson, Russell, Adam, Josh, then Lisa, Terri and me (Right to left on couch). We missed Katie and Lauren though :(

Visit with Gpa Ralls

While we were down south, we stopped by to visit with Tyson's grandpa. I got the chance to take some great pictures of all the boys together, 4 generations of Ralls.
Ok. So there's two of the last one, but I can't figure out how to fix it so too bad! :)

Briannah's suprise party

We got her! She had no clue who we were even singing for! Aunt Donna made a beautiful cake for her, and she loved it! Daddy had to practically push her up to the table so she could blow the candles out. She was so glad in the end though, and I was glad that everyone got to celebrate it with her.


We had a wonderful thanksgiving! Aunt Donna's daugh
ter April and her friend were gracious and opened their beautiful home for all of their family. The food was awesome, and we had a great time visiting, and EATING! :)

Fun on Papa and Mema's Farm

Here are some picutres of us at Mema and Papa's. The kids had so much fun there, and I can't wait to get some chickens of my own! They have goats and two sheep also. There are also some great pictures of Cody with Uncle Russell. Two peas in a pod. :)

Lisa's Birthday....


While we were in Illinois, we went with my sister to Olive Garden for her birthday. We had a pretty good time except for the parking situation. My husband does NOT like parking (who does really?) and it took at least 15 mins to find a spot. Peolpe were parking illegally on curbs just to give you an idea of how bad the situation was. He was not a happy camper. Finally we make it in, and calm down and had a good time. They brought her an Andes mint with a pink candle in it. It was really cute. We had a great time and I was so thankful I could be there.

Cody gets to drive

My Father In Law decided to let Cody take the Wheel.........

My Birthday

I am now 27.....It's crazy! I just so don't feel like that age. Why is that?

I was so bummed cause I thought that Tyson did'nt get me anything or have anything planned. But I made my peace with it. Then I came home from church and he had Lauren come and decorate my cake for me. ( I was going to make one for my self . Pity party for one?) He bought me a new wedding band. I'm trying so hard not to loose this one, (i've lost 4 :() I'm super bad about losing jewelry, cause I alway lose it. Anyways, he bought me a couple of new outfits too. Love it!

Harvest Festival

We had our harvest festival at church the wednesday before Halloween. I loved it!So did the kids.......:) They had a big blow up slide, and hay rides, and this donut eating contest, and all kids of games. Briannah almost lost a tooth on the donut game...LOL Cody won it though.

Cody and briannah on the Hayride.