Monday, January 23, 2006

Cody's Birthday

So we had Cody's birthday! My boy is getting so big! Tyson was able to come for an extra long weekend, and we had a really good time. On Cody's birthday, we all went to Applebees, and had lunch. The kids are used to going to the Applebee's in Maine, where our good friend Ms. Katy works, so we had to pre-activity them that she would'nt be there! We had a great lunch, and that night we had the Compton's over for a Barbque, and Cake and Icecream. He loved his presents, and blew out all his candles on the first try! Now he is happy to tell anyone who will listen that he is "1,2,1,2,3!" Yeah!


Miss Elizabeth said...

Hey Amy
Cute pictures!!!!!!!!
I miss you guys terribly:(
I'm glad His Daddy got to be
there for his birthday.
See ya!

katie said...

I can't believe he's 3. wow! And after all this time you're still spelling my name wrong. K-a-t-i-e. hehe