Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Christmas.........just joking

So now that I'm done with the Christmas pictures, here are some new ones, not of christmas. These are the kids before church on Sunday, and Briannah is in the new dress that her Grandma Welles got her. We really had a great time at Christmas, and really appreciate all the gifts everyone sent. The kids really loved them. It looks like Tyson will be able to come home for a long weekend over Cody's birthday. He will be three on the 13th. I just can't believe it. But then again, we have grandparents and parents reading, so I guess they know better than even I do about how fast it goes. Boy does it make your heart ache.
Cody has a new haircut too-actually it's the same, just shorter. Aren't they the cutest? Yeah I'm kinda partial, but they do tend to take my breath away. What precious gifts from God! ~Amy

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