Thursday, February 16, 2006


So the daycare is officially running. My first call was for 9 week old twins! Then I got a call for a 3 yr old boy. It turns out that I will probably take the twins and then just take my name off the list till I know that I can handle the pressure! We got to meet them on Tuesday, and they are SO cute. I really pray that God will do amazing things through this daycare. Even if the only thing he does is provide a way for us to get out of the military and move home.
We got our first snowfall of the year here, but it's back to the 50-60 degree weather, and the snow is gone. But the kids loved it while it lasted.
I'll keep everyone posted on the updates, and will post more pictures when dad comes home to stay on the 23rd.

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Miss Elizabeth said...

Hi Amy
No fair, your kids and babies,
I am gonna have to come visit :)
Sounds like a blessing and challange!
You go girl,
I miss you guys terribly,
I was lookin @ pics again,
makes me love you guys more.

Miss elizabeth